Modiin City: An Exceptional Living Experience for English Speakers

Modiin City Israel

Modiin city is a moving city of central Israel and it is always sought after by English speakers from around the world.
 Established in 1996, today it has more than 100,000 people living there and has become a modern city.
 This great location with excellent infrastructure, diverse population communities (which in turn makes it home both urban convenience and rural serenity) attracts many people to live here.

Modernity Meets comfort in Modiin

This city that is situated in the heart of Israel offers a mixture of an urban life and feeling like you are relaxing at home.
What benefits most residents about its location is its closeness to major cities (about one-hour drive away for Tel Aviv or Jerusalem), centres for employment as well as places where culture thrives on.
This makes this place suitable for any businessman who often visits big cities or even commutes daily.
With such proximity to historical sites, museums and theaters among others, life beyond these boundaries can be enjoyed.

High Quality of Life In Modiin

Modiin City consistently ranks among the safest cities in Israel, providing a secure environment for families and individuals.
The city takes pride in its clean streets and abundance of parks and green spaces, promoting a healthy lifestyle and connection with nature.
Excellent schools, numerous parks, and kid-friendly activities make Modiin Israel an ideal place to raise a family.

A Diverse and welcoming Community in Modiin

Modiin opens its arms wide to people from all walks of life, creating a lively mix of cultures. Speaking English? No problem!
Especially in the newer neighborhoods, you’ll hear it all around, smoothing the transition for fresh arrivals. Modiin-Maccabim-Re’ut is estimated to have around 15,000 English speakers, which is a significant portion of the city’s total population of roughly 100,000 residents.
 This translates to an Anglo population of about 15%, creating a welcoming environment for English-speaking immigrants in Modiin.

Demographic and quality of life ( as of early 2024)

• Population: 102,875 residents
• Age distribution: Young and growing city o 47.5% under 30 years old o Only 8.9% aged 60 and over
• Approximately 15% are new immigrants
• Socioeconomic ranking: High (9 out of 10)
• Average monthly income: ₪12,467 per person (as of 2022)
• Over half (58.1%) hold academic degrees
 • Unemployment rate: Low (3.4%)

Exploring Buchman: A Vibrant Neighborhood in Modiin City

Within Modiin City, Buchman stands out for its charm and appeal to English speakers. Established in the early 2000s, Buchman has become a dynamic community with a strong sense of belonging.
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Why Buchman ?

  • Thriving English-Speaking Community: Social groups, online forums, and religious congregations create a supportive network.
  • Strategic Location: Easy access to all of Modiin City’s benefits.
  • Green Oasis: Parks and gardens offer a peaceful retreat.
  • Well-Established Schools: Cater to the educational needs of young residents.
  •  Well-Connected: Efficient public transportation and cycling paths promote healthy commuting.

Real Estates for Sale in Buchman

Buchman neighborhood, considered one of the most expensive and sought-after neighborhoods in Modiin. According to the Madlan website, the average price for an apartment in the neighborhood stands at around 4.4 million shekels.
Average Mothly rent in Buchman is 7200 NIS/Month
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Embrace Israeli Life, Speak English: Welcome to Avnei Chen

Avnei Chen, also known as Kaiser, offers a highly appealing environment for Anglo and English-speaking residents.
 With around 2,300 housing units, this relatively flat neighborhood provides easy walkability to essential amenities like bakeries, synagogues (approximately 13 in Kaiser alone, including the popular Anglo shul Darchei Tzion), supermarkets, healthcare centers, and more – all within its boundaries or a short stroll away.
The young and vibrant community comprises a balanced mix of around 50% Anglos and 50% Israelis, fostering a mutual respect for religious and cultural diversity.
Popular areas like Azrielli Mall, the train station, and the city center are conveniently accessible.
Additionally, Kaiser’s relatively low-rise buildings (averaging 3-4 stories) and numerous parks create a family-friendly atmosphere dominated by strollers on Shabbat.
 With a flourishing Anglo community, religious schools like Darchei Yehuda catering to their needs, and a wide range of synagogue options, Avnei Chen emerges as an ideal neighborhood for English speakers seeking a strong community while embracing Israeli living.
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Real Estate for sale Avnei Chen (Kaizer)

According to the Madlan website, the average price for an apartment in Avnei Chenn stands at around 3.4 million shekels.
Average Mothly rent in Kaizer is 6500  NIS/Month3